Post Notes

Note taking and todo make in Premiere Pro.

Post Notes is a notes taking and to-do list making plugin and extension for Premiere Pro.

Post Notes is a simple plug-in for note taking and to-do list making within Premiere Pro.

Notes and to-dos get saved within the project file to the sequence (no secondary external text files to worry about). This means each sequence can have its own unique notepad and to-do list. 

THis also means if you are passing sequences between editors (who both have post notes), notes and to-dos will go along

The note pad and to-do list are seperate. You can have active notes and to-dos, or just one. 

We have tons of features we are looking to add in the coming months. However, we understand the many unique use cases and workflows editors have. So if you have a feature request, we would love to hear about it!